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12.29.13 - Second trailer for Girls Season 3:

12.20.13 - Zosia has joined the cast of Outliving Emily! From Variety:

Project is produced by Josh Sugarman through the Tenafly Film Co. Outliving Emily is directed by Eric Weber from his own script, based on his short story about the tumultuous marriage of a couple, Tim and Emily Hanratty, over half a century. The six vignettes are portrayed by twelve different actors, with real-life husband and wife Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich playing the couple in the final stages of their life together.

12.18.13 - Behind the scenes video from Zosia's photoshoot for InStyle (US) January 2014:

"Something I love about Shoshanna is how unabashed she is. She puts her foot in her mouth all the time, but she doesn't apologize for it. She's very worried about what other people think, but she still really does her own thing."

12.17.13 - Interview from Elle:

Elle: You're on one of everyone's favorite shows. What are you binge-watching right now?
Zosia: I wasn't allowed to watch television as a kid so when I met my boyfriend I never had a TV. I would watch movies on my computer. But there is incredible television nowadays. The quality of television has just really gone through the roof. And I think it's really important to just have an indulgence in your life-like something you feel is really just for you because you love it. Reading books and seeing classic movies and going to the theater or a museum is just so wonderful and enriching, but like sometimes you just need to shut off. And that's how I feel about watching good, entertaining television.

So what's on your queue right now?
Zosia: Scandal, Breaking Bad, and Nashville. Connie Britton is my idol. I want to be her when I grow up.

[ Full interview from Elle ]

12.02.13 - Girls Season 3 poster:

ASOS January 2014:

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