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04.26.13 - Zosia will appear in 24 Hour Musicals in New York City on April 29! From Playbill:

The 24 Hour Company will team up with Off-Broadway theatre company Exchange to create the fifth annual 24 Hour Musicals, where a team of nearly 100 artists cast, write, compose, direct, rehearse, tech and perform four original musicals in a 24-hour time period from April 28-29. The event benefits the Exchange's summer retreat, The Orchard Project, which kick-starts innovative new theatrical work from around the world.

The musicals will be written, cast, rehearsed and performed at The Gramercy Theatre over the course of a single day. Show time is April 29 at 8 PM.

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04.10.13 - Interview about dating from Glamour April 2013:

Zosia: In a courtroom I suppose my closing argument to the jury would be: Ladies and gents, in killing the outdated "old-time dating rituals," we have killed romance. But as jaded as I've become in my old age (ahem, 25), I'm still a hopeless romantic. I don't expect big gestures (flowers make me feel awkward). It's the simple things that are much more meaningful. (For Valentine's Day, an ex-boyfriend once gave me a book called Dear Heart, Old Buddy, by one of Truman Capote's friends. It's become one of my favorites.) The sweetest thing someone can do is to listen to you. To be thoughtful. To accept your neuroses. That's love. And at the end of the day, isn't that what we all want?

04.03.13 - Trance premiere, New York City, April 2, 2013:

04.02.13 - The Company You Keep premiere, New York City, April 1, 2013:

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